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Psychologists are trained as researchers as well as clinicians.   The internet is a very powerful vehicle for library research and provides psychologists a wonderful opportunity to expand our knowledge to help our clients.  Speaking only for myself, I wish I could say I understand everything I now am easily able to find and that what I understand always turns out to be useful to my clients. I'm not that competent and life is not that simple.  It's a shame (especially after all that education).  On the other hand, I am developing a swell collection of abstracts from my Medline data base searches. Endowed with 90MB of server space that is this Website, I've not been able to resist including the fruits of my recent library research labors for anyone who is interested.  Each topical button will one day take you to a directory where you can look through an incomplete and inconclusive collection of scientific abstracts on various aspects of that interest area.   In other words, use what you read here to help you start reading more about a topic; not for making a decision about it.  Remember, these abstracts are not full articles, just summaries of articles (authors are generally more equivocal in their full text).


If you want to do more than read about the cutting edge of clinical research, mercy, rethink your position; especially if your plans included a do-it-yourself project.  Life is dangerous enough.    Let me take this golden opportunity to urge you to use just slightly less abandon and put yourself in the hands of a clinical trial investigator for a safer experience.  Here's even where you can find a bunch of them:


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On Sabbatical!

When my office lease expired at the end of 2004, I decided to turn it into a "sabbatical" from my private practice. Many years ago, in my grandfather's 89th year of life, he told me, "John, it is important to smell the roses while you can still smell them." His life gave living a very good reputation. It is also true that the pursuit of that philosophy required my grandfather to to re-open his assay office/ore market in Wickenburg, Arizona as a 75-year-old because he had run a little short of retirement money. Thus, if blessed with his luck and health, I'll be back.. --jjh

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