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On Sabbatical

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Inherent in the western natural science tradition is the belief, "Knowledge is power." Alas, power can be applied illuminate or electrocute.  The hyperlinks on the internet allow a user to instantly follow a concept wherever it leads; beyond the confines of a book, library or even country.  That's Power.  Thus, the paths to ruin or enlightenment (and all those destinations in between) can be traversed more quickly now than any time in the history of our species. 

For those folks who can't help but feed the bears no matter what the signs say, the internet is not for you: You would be less tempted and more secure sitting on a crate of fresh salmon in Yosemite Valley than exploring what you find here.   Everybody else, enjoy, and don't believe everything you read.

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On Sabbatical!

When my office lease expired at the end of 2004, I decided to turn it into a "sabbatical" from my private practice. Many years ago, in my grandfather's 89th year of life, he told me, "John, it is important to smell the roses while you can still smell them." His life gave living a very good reputation. It is also true that the pursuit of that philosophy required my grandfather to to re-open his assay office/ore market in Wickenburg, Arizona as a 75-year-old because he had run a little short of retirement money. Thus, if blessed with his luck and health, I'll be back.. --jjh

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