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On Sabbatical

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There are many factors to take into account when choosing a therapist for yourself or child. Ultimately, you have to have to feel comfortable with whomever you choose. Still, you have to start somewhere in your search. Here is a list of psychologists I have worked with over the years that I can recommend for an initial consultation: 






CA Berkeley Richard Foster, Ph.D. +1 (925) 946-5020  
CA Campbell Grant Plemmons, Ph.D. +1 (408) 879-0524  
CA Irvine Margaret Reedy, Ph.D. +1 (714) 727-1838
CA Los Gatos Janet Negley, Ph.D. +1 (408) 370-6565  
CA Milpitas Laura Ferguson, Ph.D. +1 (408) 510-8373  
CA  Palo Alto Steve Katz, Ph.D.

+1 (650) 493-8377

CA Palo Alto Sheldon Starr, Ph.D. +1 (650) 493-8377 
CA Palo Alto Lenora Yuen, Ph.D.    
CA Pasadena Patricia McDonald, Ph.D. +1 (626) 288-4540 
CA San Francisco Mary Ann Kim, Ph.D. +1 (415) 905-9680  
CA San Jose Roger Wapner, Ph.D. +1 (510) 466-0306 
CA Santa Cruz Blair Bashford, Ph.D. +1 (831) 426-6785
CA Santa Rosa Rob Neiss, Ph.D. +1 (707) 542-9190
CA Santa Rosa Lake McClenney, Ph.D. +1 (707) 542-9190
CO Colorado Springs Sara Qualls, Ph.D. +1 (719) 593-3168
AL Mobile Jenny Langhinrichsen-Rohling, Ph.D. +1 (251) 460-7069  
GA Atlanta Kim Oppenheimer, Ph.D. +1 (404) 668-0350  

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On Sabbatical!

When my office lease expired at the end of 2004, I decided to turn it into a "sabbatical" from my private practice. Many years ago, in my grandfather's 89th year of life, he told me, "John, it is important to smell the roses while you can still smell them." His life gave living a very good reputation. It is also true that the pursuit of that philosophy required my grandfather to to re-open his assay office/ore market in Wickenburg, Arizona as a 75-year-old because he had run a little short of retirement money. Thus, if blessed with his luck and health, I'll be back.. --jjh

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