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On Sabbatical

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Is the Id for Real? You Decide if Freud Was Right. . .

Let's take a real-time look  at the search terms being submitted to Metasearch .  These terms are a randomly drawn, un-edited, and un-censored.  Because they are received, selected and relayed to this page in "real-time," the page will be refreshed every 15 seconds with the latest submissions to the MetaCrawler search engine. Thus, what follows is a peak into the privacy of minds that are using the Internet this very second and every 15 seconds or so thereafter. . .

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On Sabbatical!

When my office lease expired at the end of 2004, I decided to turn it into a "sabbatical" from my private practice. Many years ago, in my grandfather's 89th year of life, he told me, "John, it is important to smell the roses while you can still smell them." His life gave living a very good reputation. It is also true that the pursuit of that philosophy required my grandfather to to re-open his assay office/ore market in Wickenburg, Arizona as a 75-year-old because he had run a little short of retirement money. Thus, if blessed with his luck and health, I'll be back.. --jjh

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