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Re: Was this VV?

From: Dizzy again...


Hi everyone, Wow! I thought I have been a hyperchondriac for the past 4 years but I realize now I am not alone. Two days ago I was told by the Dr. in emerg that I had a vasovagal attack. I am 38 years old, 5' 2" & 110lbs. This was my 4th year in a row with this attack and always in January. I realize after reading all these other articles that I have had more episodes but without the fainting, but usually related to pain in my body (not needles or blood). I have also had 3 major car accidents so neck/shoulder/back problems are an issue ongoing for me and are generally at their peak in January! My first episode was 4 yrs ago at work, I was feeling fine then all of a sudden I was extremely tired. I got up and went over to a coworkers desk and upon lookin down at her, I felt suddenly weak and my head felt like it was going to explode then down I went. I was aware of everything going on around me but can not talk or open my eyes. I'm very cold on my body but my head is very hot and my face is flushed and sweaty. I too have panic attacks immediately and start crying and hyperventalating. The doctors did not say anything more than "ah, people faint all the time - get used to it" and sends me home still feeling weak and queezey. I am extremely tried and my head still buzzes and feels heavy for days later. I am mostly bed ridden. My gastrointestinal track gets all wacky within days of this. A week later sitting on the toilet and had major cramping and felt nauseous. I couldn't yell to my husband. I just fell over and curled up in fetal postion til he came in 5 minutes later. I couldn't be moved without crying of pain. The ambulance came and took me to the hospital thinking it was my gall bladder. You guessed it, ultrasound was fine and after 1 hour and a shot of Demerol it passed. As well, I have a very stiff neck with acute pain and pain in my lower back. I also have Hashimoto's Disease (thyroid) and have noted that this comes on around my menstrual cycle.

Last year and the previous year I did not pass out but got the general weak feeling, nauseau, sweats and everything leading up to it. And still off work for 3-4 weeks at a time with my GI going wacky again. Tests have been done CT, Exrays, MRI's all individually and all clear. This most recent event happened at work again and while being escorted to go home didn't quite make it out the door. My boss thought taking the elevator would be best - 3 steps off it and down I went. My legs get really heavy after and I can't lift them. It lasts about 45 minutes beofre I can open my eyes and lift my legs. I haven't lost control of my bladder or bowel but I am scared to death to say the least. You do fell like your dying. Now,I have a major headache and am still very dizzy and light headed(like don't move my head fast or turn it). It is taking everything out of me just to type this. It's hard to concentrate (which I also felt before I went down) I am supposed to go for sinus surgery in 1 week. Maybe the vaso vein is blocked in my neck as my whole right side of my face (cheek and forhead) and my left (cheek area only) is blocked, as well, I have a crooked piece in my nose. I thought this was what my problem was until recently. I also presently have low back pain and pain in my shoulders and down my left arm with tingliness. The doctor never really elaborated on the VV just that that's what it was. I will follow up with my family doctor. Thank you for listening to me - Although I'm sure this is all over the place. My apologies! Victoria

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