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Vaso Vagal Syncope

From: Steve


My wife and I are trying to decide if she is having Vaso Vagal Syncope or if it directly related to IBS. She is 32 years old and a mother of two boys. She had her first episode about 5 years ago while pregnant with our youngest son. She only had the feeling that she was going to pass outfrom cramps. It wasn't until about 3 years ago that she passed out from the pain. I say from the pain, because this is how it started. She awoke one morning with the terrible cramps associated with needing to go the bathroom. As she sat there the pain was so intense that the next thing she remembers was waking up in a pool of blood and crawling to the phone to call me at work. At this point she didn't know what had happened to her. All she could tell me was that there was blood everywhere. I didn't know if someone had broken in and hurt her or what had happened. I quickly drove the normally 8-10 minute ride in about 3 minutes and found her with blood from head to toe. Blood on the floor, the phone, her....everywhere. I was so freaked that I called 911 and after the ambulance arrived they had a hard time getting her BP to go up. It was very low, so low that everytime she sat up she became dizzy. We took the trip to the hospital and the only thing anyone could say for sure was that she had broken her nose. We were told that she evidently had IBS and we were sent to a specialist who gave her Levsin and said if it gets worse to come back and to avoid certain foods. She only has these episodes when under stress. But, things have changed somewhat. We don't know if it is IBS or vaso vagal syncope. The last episode she had was two days ago and it scared me to death. I have held her up two times before when she passed out momentarily...maybe a few seconds. But this time she was out for about a minute with her eyes open. I thought she was dead. I was slapping her face and gently shaking her trying to get her to wake up. Finally she awakened and was sweating profusely. Her being a nurse she knew that her BP had bottomed out and I quickly got her to the floor and put pillows under her feet. It took a toll on her the following day. She was weak, but otherwise okay. Does anyone know if the cause would be vaso vagal or if the IBS is causing the syncope? This last time she had no cramps until after she passed out and came to. She only was woken up by some weird feeling that she had, telling her to go the bathroom, when, at the time she didn't need to. Please help me if you can, as I am afraid she may not wake up if her heart is actually stopping during these episodes. Thanks.

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