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Re: vaso depressor syncope



I posted an article on my experiences with this..Please read it. I am thinking alterative treatments first. Unless vessels in the heart are to small or digestive areas are to small...I think ..believe it or not...a lot of it has to due with eliminating bad foods in your eating pattern and eating small quantities helps (small portions and small meals). I think electrolyte imbalance has a lot to do with it..and that is why gatorade helps somewhat. Gatorade has helped me too. I think going to a really good accupuncturist might be a great alternative,too. (i have heard miracle stories about people doing accupuncture and now hospitals like Jackson Memorial (in Miami) have doctors being trained in it. Just a suggestion...The right doctor is hard to find. But, I believe in the less aggressive vitamin, mineral therapy..amino acids, enzymes, etc. Your son should keep drinking the gatorade. I am also going to start taking CoQ10 again...It is a natural enzyme that helps the heart function (you can get it at a drug store). Also, sign onto Dr.Weil's website and research CoQ10 to learn the benefits..His website has helped me a great deal. Good Luck and write me if you want to.

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