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Re: Vasolvagal Syncope



VasoVagal Syncope is quite confusing. I have been passing out since I was a little girl. I am now in my 30's. It stopped for a while..but now I am passing out again. I went to many doctors. One Dr. told me if I feel fain..well, jut lie down wherever you are. Gee Thanks I thought. Actually, it is true. The minute you get either severe stomach pains or that passing out feeling..lie down right not try to make it to a couch or will expend too much energy. I went to one doctor that also told me that the vagus nerve gets triggered when too much adrenaline is produced, therefore..that thrush of adrenaline gets overloaded and you pass out. I pass out from getting my blood taken, foods that don't agree with me and severe stomach aches to the point of I get hot and just want to pass out. Any pain endured makes me want to pass out..I once passed out from a getting an alergy test. I had such a bad arm blew up like a golf ball and yes, I passed out. Unfortunately, this is a very common thing...especially among women...and sometimes, many doctors explain it so differently. I have come up with my own theory. I believe too much food intake and food you have a sensitivity to..causes all this reaction. I believe the vagus nerve is in the rectum area or the intenstines or below it. I think if I eat in moderation...and do not upset my stomach it helps me. I know I have to stay away from onions, garlic, most milk products, alcohol and really, really spicy or greasy foods. Nothing too heavy. No rich cream sauces, etc. I have been researching vitamins that help the adrenaline rush (it might regulate my adrenaline flow so it doesn't get that rush) and I believe that might help. I think it is hard to find the right doctor. I have read a lot of the articles people posted on here. Soem have pacemakers which aren't helping, some are on beta-blockers, anti-anxiety medication, intestine passages enlarged etc. I am not sure what is the right treatment or course of action. I do know I am going to try better eating habits..(eating small quantities) take a multi-vitamin and multi-mineral and research what vitamins, minerals, amino acids or herbs can help to promaote healthy adrenaline function and help strengthen digestive function. I think carbonated, caffinated sodas, artificial diet drinks...all have worsened the condition as well. I think it also causes fatigue. I think if I get 8 hours of sleep, eat properly, take my supplements and herbs and work out to my best ability..I think all this might help. Otherwise it is time to keep researching with the Doctor's. They want to do another titl table test...which leads to possible beta-blocker medication which keeps the vessels open so the vagus nerve won't constrict. If you have any info or want to discuss this with me further you can email me. I hope my ideas are interesting, informative and helpful in some sort of small way. Take Care, -N-

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