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Re: Salt Helps Me

From: jonBTV


My son, age 17, was diagnosed with vaso-vagal syncope after saying he felt sick to his stomach and then passing out. He has congenital heart disease which has been surgically corrected. So, after having his chin stitched up from the fainting spell, I set up an appointment for him to see his cardiologist and a neurologist. EEG's were fine and his cardiologists said he'd experienced vaso-vagal syncope. Told him to drink one gallon of caffiene free liquid, no diuretics, and increase the salt in his diet. The neurologist didn't want him to drive for 6 months even though all their testing proved normal. So they left it up to his heart Dr. and they said it was fine for him to drive. I'm wondering does anyone know what cause the vagus nerve to be stimulated when it shouldn't be? The doctor explained how the nerve slowed the heart down when it really need to speed up. But I'm not sure how salt and water connects with the brain and the heart and the stomach. If the brain is normal, why isn't the vagus nerve functioning correctly. I'm a little spastic because my son has failed to tell me of dizzy spells in the past,but told other people who could not make him go to a doctor and wouldn't tell me of his problem. I worry that if he thought recurrent symptoms would cause him not to be able to drive he would never tell me until something drastic happened again. Any information you would like to share on this condition would be appreciated. Although his cardiologist thought it to be a common disorder, I can't find too much detail about it.

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