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Hi. I just came back from the doctor after being told I might have vaso-vagal. I have still to read all the letters posted but already feel better after reading a few. With me I remember fainting quite a bit as a kid, blood tests, sudden pain,etc.. Now that I am a mother of two I am more conderned about my latest trick. Twice in the past six months I have passed out after getting up at night to urinate. The first tiem I made it back to bed and then passed out but the second time just last week, I wasn't so lucky and cut open my eyebrow during the fall. Afterward I get the sweats, and a terible urge to vomit. I am thankful that both times my husband was present but it scares me to think what I were to do if I were alone. Is there any tretment for this or is it just something you have to learn to live with? While fainting I also clench my jaw so tightly that for 3 days following the event I felt like I got a good punch in the mouth. Is that normal? I have so many questions ? In the meantime I have scheduled an appointment with a neurologist to see if he can help. Love to hear some reassuring news. kathy

This web site is not a substitute for a thorough medical evaluation and diagnosis of your vaso-vagal type symptoms.  Medical treatment and diagnosis is the only acceptable initial response to these serious symptoms since they might present from any number of life threatening and treatable illnesses. It is for you and your physician to rule out more serious illnesses; Please don't use this online forum as an alternative to getting responsible medical attention and being under the care of a physician for the duration of any unknown, suspected or dangerous vaso-vagal syndrome symptoms.
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