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vaso vagal reaction

From: k. johnson                12/06/01


I have had this condition for 35+ years. If I have to have blood drawn, I pass out. I got my ears pierced, I passed out. If I accidentaly cut myself, I pass out and somtimes throw-up. I have had to have sugery and when they give me the injection to relax me, I pass out from that. I have been put in twlight sleep for some surgical procedures and when they decrease the drug I start to pass out. If I go into a restroom and someone is throwing-up, I almost pass out. Even if someone tells me they don't feel good and feel like they are going to throw-up I get real week and can hardly walk away from them. After all of these episodes it takes me about an hour or so to feel normal again. I feel like I'm going to die. I did tell the nurse where I work that I have this condition and every time I go to the doctor I tell them. At first I didn't tell anyone because I thought it was all "in my head" until I had to go to the emergency room for treatment and the nurse saw my reaction and told me what was going on. Most of the time though, people just look at me like I'm weird. People have never heard of it and don't understand it and it's hard for me to explain it to them. With needles and cuts I associated it with the fact that a foreign object had entered my body.

This web site is not a substitute for a thorough medical evaluation and diagnosis of your vaso-vagal type symptoms.  Medical treatment and diagnosis is the only acceptable initial response to these serious symptoms since they might present from any number of life threatening and treatable illnesses. It is for you and your physician to rule out more serious illnesses; Please don't use this online forum as an alternative to getting responsible medical attention and being under the care of a physician for the duration of any unknown, suspected or dangerous vaso-vagal syndrome symptoms.
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