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V-V epsisode after eating

From: Virginia


I am 75 years old and have been having Vao-Vagal Syncope for at least 25 years. Until the last three years the episdodes have not been very frequent; now, however, they are getting more devastating. Last Sunday I had one of the worst ones I'd ever had: about half an hour after breakfast (honoring a missionary at church), I began having abdominal pain and went to the ladies room. While there, I realized I was feeling faint and asked the woman in the next stall to please go tell my husband that I was feeling ill. With difficulty, I managed to leave the stall and lie down on a sofa in the lavitory area.I called to my husband through the door to come in; then two doctors who were at church came in and checked my pulse--it was very low at first, but came back to normal range. I was lying on the floor by this time, and someone got cold cloths to put on my head. I still had severe abdominal pain and when I felt able to be assisted to the toilet I had a very loose stool. After resting nearly an hour, I was able to go in a wheel chair to where our car was parked. Usually after one of these V-V episodes, after I lie down and sleep for a couple of hours I feel better, but this day, I felt bad (couldn't eat anything) all day and into the next day. Has anyone else had these "spells" after eating? It certainly curtails our social life---everyone wants to go out to eat! Not me, any more.

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