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From: I'M CRAZY!!!


Okay, so maybe I am not crazy. It helps to see that other people, more than I could imagine, suffer from the same cruel "illness" that I have been faced with since I was only five years old. I posted a message about two years ago, when my vaso vagal reactions were interferring with my daily life. I have an anxiety disorder...a blood injection injury phodia that results in vaso vagal reactions. Here it is...

Since I was in elementary school, I have been fainting. As a kid, I would faint at the sight of blood or shots and it got to the point where I would faint simply about talking about the doctor. The doctors were confused and so they sent me to a psychologist, who later told my family that I had vaso vagel. I lost count, but it have fainted over thirty times. Now I am a freshmen in college and the problem is getting worse. It's November and I have fainted nine times since the begining of the year. Since I have started college, I have fainted three time during my biology class. It's starting to interfer with my grades and I would like to gain control of this problem. One time I fainted when simple talking about breast cancer, another time was when I saw a drawing of an eye ball.

Does anyone have any updated information that helps with vaso vagal. Sad to say, I don't have time to seek thearpy. I have even gone as far as majoring in psychology (now a junior in college) to seek answers. Yes, this is an anxiety disorder. Psychological and even genetic. Guess I can't place all the blamce on my parents...THANKS MOM. I'm not desperate anymore for I haven't fainted in one year. While this seems like progress, I have been having fainting spells since I was 5, so I know that it could come back any day, any second. I have panic attacks simply watching TV, such as ER. While a great show, blood isn't a welcomed sight.


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