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Vaso Vagale With No Syncomp

From: Rabi


i am a 33 year old Male,since Dec 2000 i have feelings like all the blood rushing downward from my head. i have headtech,Dizzy,Nozia,also heart palpates ,breathing difficulty, can't eat (lost more than 28 KG) and the most worse thing that i got Heavy Heart Beat during all the day with or wothout V.V. Syndrome i feel the all my body is shacking with each heart beat ( Did Some one feel the Same?). i have never passed out. i did all posible medical checkup , Stress test , Hart Echo ( 5 Times), Holter Monitor (Twice for 48 H.),ECG (UnLimit) and Stomoch Microscopic, and all results were OK. thought a heart problem. no such problem found and when asked to describe symptoms,i always tell them Headtech,Heavy Breath ,Can't Swallow,Vomit feeling,Heavy Heart Beate,Body Shaking, Feeling Cold,Dizzy,Nozia. i did the tilt test and came with positive result. doctor start medication as beta blocker called CONCOR 5 but the Case become more Worse so i stop it. from the discussion area it look that V.V syndrome comes rarely(once in a year,month,Week). my problem that i got V.V. Syndrome every day more than once,SO is it realy V.V. or is it some thing else,and Did Some One Got V.V Daily Like Me? Please Can Some One Help? My E.mail is RSKHOT@HOTMAIL.COM if you want to mail some good information.

thank you

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