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From: colorado


My daughter had a vv episode on 7/23/01 and has several in the last 2 years, She has always been awaken by a sick feeling and then needs to go to the bathroom to vomit but instead she gets really hot and sweating so much, (this always happens between 12:00 to 3:00 a.m. when she gets these episodes). Anyway, she calls me to come and help her. I immediately lay her down and she goes out and her eyes are completely dilated and wide open which scares the hell out of me. when this happened last week . I had to call the ambulance to come and help me since it took a while to get her to regain conscienceness. I do believe it has alot to do with her stress level and monthly time and maybe not eating correctly since she just came back from a vacation from california and was pretty worn out. Also, I am not sure if altitude has anything to do with this since she has had several episodes without leaving this area. One more thought my daughter was a 2.9 lb baby and I am not sure if there is some underlining problems with under-development to her heart. We did have ultrasound done on her heart and no problems. Actually all the tests that we had done never show any concern results. I dont know, what to do now but hope that someday she will outgrown this intrusive problem.

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