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Will Try the Salt

From: Nicole
Date: 7/24/01
Time: 1:02:56 PM
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I started having the famous "fainting" episodes when I was around 6 years old. The first one happened in church as I was kneeling down. As I grew up, they periodically continued to happen, and the time I was too young to understand what was happening to me or my body. By the time I reached high school I realized that I had about 2 or 3 minutes to lay down before I actually passed out. I am now 23 years old and realize after reading everyone's stories that I am not alone in this fight. After having more episodes in college, I finally had all the tests done, which of course showed their was nothing wrong with me. The doctors told me that I had vasal vagal and that he could give me medicine but it would probably just make me sluggish, so I should just deal with it. The reason I am writing this is because I have been stressed and have recently gotten a new job in a new field. I again today had another episode at my new office. I have never heard of eating a lot of salt but I am willing to try it. One thing that may help others is that my doctor explained to me that vasal vagal is brought on, for the most part, my stress. A certain vein inside your head reacts and causes this strange reaction. I have started to notice a pattern in my life, that when I am under stress or have some kind of big change going on in my life, I get a fainting episode. Usually if I lay down, and cool off, I won't pass out--it will pass. Which is what happened to me today. Granted my new co-workers probably think I am nuts, but it is something that I have gotten used to over the past 16 years or so. It is however very frustrating because you know something is wrong with your body, but you can't do much to control. I try breathing in through my nose and out my mouth. It helps to calm me down. I just wanted to share my story--hopefully it can help someone else who is frustrated with vasal vagal!

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