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Needle Phobia and V.V.S.

From: Josh (
Date: 7/20/01
Time: 11:13:07 AM
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In 1992 I went to the doctor for a T.B. test and after getting the shot I passed out in the lobby of the doctors office. I got very light headed and sat down, but the next thing I knew I woke up in a pool of my own sweat on the floor(broke my sunglasses on the way down). At that time I was needle phobic and still am. Since then I have been givin shots and never passed out. I do get sick on my stomach most of the time. I also get sick on my stomach if I see someone else get a shot. This week I was visiting someone in the hospital when the nurse came in to set an I.V. About 10 minutes later I got very light headed and had to sit down. Then I blacked out and when I woke up I had nurses all over me. Washcloth on my head, ice down my shirt, etc. Turns out I blacked out again 2nd time ever in my life. This time was different however because I also had a seizure after fainting. I went to my doctor today and he diagnosed me with V.V.S. He said it was not uncommon for a needle phobic to have seizures after passing out. He said he has personally seen it happen in the last few years. This is a great relief to me as I was horrified that I was epilectic. Anyone else here have V.V.S. brought on by a phobia? Anyone else ever have seizures with your blackouts? Thanks for the input. Also I have be quite sluggish the last two days after this, hopefully that will pass as well!

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