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Top Ten Ways to Identify someone with the VV Syndrome (Humorous)

From: Rick
Date: 7/17/01
Time: 10:40:45 AM
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Maybe I'm a little wacky but on the lighter side of this disease can we come up with 10 funny ways to identify someone with VV. It seems like a fun way to share our experiences and who knows maybe David Letterman could use some new material.

i.e. It's the uncconscious person laying on floor next to the commode who didn't take the time to flush.

It's the unconscious kid laying on floor passed out in his class room last heard muttering something about hitting his funny bone.

It's the person laying on the floor in their office with their feet up in the air making like they are reading a book.

It's the person at the emergency room trying to explain that the broken nose was a post-injury result and that the actual iinjury was a sprained ankle.

It's the kid receiving the broken ribs from some untrained person applying the heimlick manoeuvre because the kid passed out while eating at the dinner table when one of his baby teeth dislodged and everyone thought he was choking.

Hope you enjoyed and look forward to others

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