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Re: 22 with NMH and questions

From: Steve
Date: 7/8/01
Time: 3:25:27 AM
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Hi Kimee, HHmmmmm I don’t know I’m pretty undecided about this. You see its pretty much the chicken or the egg – its very difficult to determine what the triggers trick the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system manages most of our bodily systems, including the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal, urinary and bowel functions, temperature regulation, reproduction and our metabolic and endocrine systems. Additionally, this system is responsible for our reaction to stress - the flight or fight response. When our autonomic nervous system malfunctions, it is known as Dysautonomia. Other terminology that is used includes - Autonomic Dysfunction, Autonomic Failure and Autonomic Neuropathy. For those afflicted with Dysautonomia, there is a range of symptoms that can vary. Therapy for patients with neurocardiogenic syncope has to be individualised to fit that person's needs. Many patients with neurocardiogenic syncope need only avoid predisposing factors (such as extreme heat or dehydration). Some will require medical therapy to prevent further fainting spells. A variety of different medications are used, and no one therapy works for everyone. Some may require therapy with low doses of two or three agents in combination. This is often tolerated better than a very high dose of a single agent. In summary, neurocardiogenic syncope is a complex and common disturbance of the autonomic nervous system that can lead to sudden drops in blood pressure leading to fainting (syncope). Now to get back to stressors I believe that if you are in the category of person who worries a lot then a pre-occupation with predisposing factors could actually stimulate an incident. If you worry about hitting your head when you fall even thinking abut the possibility of an situation such as than could be a trigger. Such as pain is with many people, or even the anticipation of pain. The only reason I see it this way is that when my daughter died I pretty much didn’t then care if I lived or died. As soon as I gave up so did the symptoms. Now I try and help others with a rang of anxiety problems. There is a great little book flouting around called ‘living with IT” it may help you. ( no pun intended ) I wish you all the best, it you wan to talk or get more feedback, please respond you are welcome to my email if you need it. Sometimes it good to just speak to someone who understands.

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