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From: Liz
Date: 6/17/01
Time: 5:40:16 PM
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I can’t express how reassuring it is to finally know what was wrong with me. My symptoms indicate a text-book case of vaso-vagal syncope, but I only found this out a couple of days ago. It is so good to finally have answers!

I am 19 and have been fainting for a few years now. The worst part is, that it tends to happen when I’m out at clubs/parties/concerts because I’m standing up for so long in a hot environment. I cannot even count the times I have had to explain to people that I am not on drugs or drunk, I just faint when I get hot! I have been kicked out of numerous clubs/parties – quite an embarrassment.

My most recent episode was the one that made me get up and finally see a doctor about it. I was at a nightclub, it was only early and we’d only been there about 15 mins so I hadn’t had anything to drink. I started to feel funny, and I was so used to fainting that I managed to say to my best friend “the thing’s happening” (that’s what we call it!) and I ran for the door. Very stupid move, but all I knew was that I faint when I get hot, so I wanted to be outside. I started losing it mid-run. I lost my sense of direction and was running into the walls (VERY drunk looking) and I couldn’t hear or see. I woke up a few minutes later in a cold sweat with 2 police standing over me. I had fainted at the top of a huge staircase, and had a fat lip and swollen tongue from landing on my face. That was 3 weeks ago…and now I finally know.

My doc was so surprised about how much my symptoms were so standard. Apparently fainting in church is a common problem (and I’ve done that a couple of times too). I have 3 triggers that make me faint – standing or sitting for too long in a hot environment, and the sight of blood. Does everyone have these same triggers? What are others? Pain, I guess?

Anyway, I’ve written too much. I wanted to share my experience just to give something back, because reading about everyone else is so comforting. It really is.

Just one more question: my doctor didn’t suggest a tilt-table test because he was certain I have vv. He did an ECG and ultrasound and I wore a heart monitor for 24 hours. I’ve been told to just lie down if I feel an episode coming on, and to have lots of salt and water. Is a tilt-table test really necessary? Should I get a second opinion?


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