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Re: First Vaso Vagal Episode

From: Michelle
Date: 5/6/01
Time: 6:31:09 PM
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Just thought I'd give an update. Last night at work again, I had my second vaso vagal episode in a week, except this one was a little more scary. I was up in a tower watching security cameras of my amusement park ride and I passed out and hit my head on the case. Luckily someone came up to relieve me before I got a chance to call but I thought I was alright and just sat down to regain straight thoughts. My friend who took over kept checking on me but I refused to let them call the park emt's. She did anyway when I complained of not being able to breathe. When the emt got there he said my pupils were not reactant to light and my blood pressure was high again. He decided to move me and set me on the deck of the tower. It was then that I heard over their radio them talking about Mast, the ambulance people. By the time the scaled the deck and went across the waterfall about 12 ft high. The set me on the ground again waiting for something to take me to the ambulance. I began to complain of my feet hurting and he took off my shoes and socks and found my reflexes and a weak pulse. I finally got to the ambulance at about 1045pm more than an hour after my accident. I got to the hospital at 1100 and was seen by the doctor nearly 3 hours after my accident. By then, I had come to more and was feeling a lot better. They are attibuting it to my sinus surgery that I had a little less than two months ago. My job requires me to be very attentive and always looking around. They think the inner part that keeps the vertigo got messed up. I worked nearly twelve hours yesterday with four hours of sleep from working until one in the morning on Friday night. I thought I could handle it because everyone is always saying youre young, you should be able to do it, but it was just too soon after the surgery. Im okay today, just really sore and I have a really bad headache. They wouldn't let me work today but I went in to get my backpack and pick up my car and I talked to the head of security and he told me not to let it happen again!! I didnt know how to respond because I was so shocked. He acted like I did it on purpose! Anyway, hopefully this will be the last time I have to write. They put me on antivert which seems to be making me better. Later ~Michelle~

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