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Re: Salt Helps Me

From: Amber
Date: 5/4/01
Time: 4:00:45 PM
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I was just diagnosed with vaso-vagal syncope this week. I had spinal surgery in December and since then, I have been fainting very frequently. At first they seemed isolated to when I was in the shower, but quickly they began happening at any time, with very little warning. We soon realized that due to the surgery, my activity level was so low (I was more or less restricted to the bed) that once my activity level increased, so did the fainting. I have had the fainiting spells since I was about 12, but they were few and far between. I am 21 now and they are happening several times a day. I had a tilt table test and passed out on the table. My blood pressure dropped dangerously low. I too was told to greatly increase my salt intake, drink lots of fluids, and to drink at least 1 Gatorade a day It has only been about a week since they have told me this, and I am already having a hard time. I am really having trouble adding any more salt to my diet. I have always salted all of my food, in fact, my dad always has told me that I use TOO much salt because I use so much of it. I am ALWAYS thirsty and always have a drink in my hand, so I don't really think adding fluids is necessary. Any comments, suggestions, or ways that you cope is GREATLY appreciated!

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