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Daughter Fainted Twice Today; Really Frustrated.

Date: 5/1/01
Time: 4:33:26 PM
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I am so happy I found this site. I need help for my 20 year old daughter. She is a student on the west coast; her family is on the east coast. This morning she called me at 6:00 am. She had been cramming for finals and had gone to Denny's for a late supper....She fainted twice. The second time she hit the back of her head. This story is not new to us. We are all just frustrated. First faint occured with no obvious reason when she was 14; after that she fainted several times when she was having bowel movements. She starts cramping seriously, then just faints suddenly.

We told her to go to the Emergency Room and that is useless. Dr. there told her, "you may need a pacemaker!" Which completely scared her.

Tilt table test has been suggested ???? We have been told she cannot take meds for this as she has asthma and it would interfer with her asthma medication. This morning she said, "I have to breathe first; I guess I just have to get used to this fainting." I cannot accept that.

We have also had Drs. tell us: "It won't kill you." They may think that is reassuring, however, if you faint flat without warning, you can be injured. She has had so many x-rays for possible broken nose; the first time she fainted in a small bathroom, she chipped her pelvis bone.

This is not a funny disorder. Her college Dr. is the first medical professional who seems to be taking an interest in this: he started her on Paxil (anxiety) - who wouldn't be anxious if you didn't know at what point you would be on the ground? He told her today he thought she has IBS and that he can give her med for that and that this summer she needs to see a cardiologist and a gastroenterologist. We agree. Which one first? What kind of tests are really appropriate? Can anyone make any suggestions?

She had her finals scheduled today; postponed them till tomorrow. College should be different. Is there a real answer to this problem?

Thanks, Kay

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