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Re: awakened from sleep

From: Aleesha
Date: 4/20/01
Time: 12:34:33 PM
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Hi Fran and Lorraine. I was jsut reading your messages and I'm sorry that your Drs. are so ignorant. I'm in Seattle and go a University of Washington clinic in the area. As soon as I described what my symptoms were she immediately said that she thought it was a Vaso vagal episode. I had the same symptoms. I woke in the middle of the night to go to the restroom and felt fine until I sat down. I then got dizzy, nauseous and reallly hot. I tried to make it out to the couch but heard and kind of felt myself hit the floor. My 9 year-old son helped me to the couch where I was very disoriented for about 15 mins. or so. I was also very sweaty when I woke back up. I went to the dr. the next morning and my blood pressure and pulse were both very low. Apparently there is some correlation between Vaso-Vagal and low blood pressure. My dr. told me to keep myself very well hydrated and eat a lot of salt. I was also told that I should move slowly when changing positions, especially if I'm squatting down with my 2 year-old and then pick him up. That that puts more strain on the Vegas nerve than any other movement. Anyway, I just wanted to share those things with you in hopes that they might help. I haven't had any more episodes since I've been doing those things. Good luck!! If you have any questions, please email me:

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