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Re: How is everyone?

Date: 4/5/01
Time: 1:37:36 PM
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Agreed that it's been quite. I had been away for a long while but am back. Just like you have an attack and sign-on to the forum then it tappers off as time passes until the next one! I had the Tilt Table Test done about 3 weeks ago and it confirmed the V-V. I also flat-lined while I was out. Not a pleasant experience. I do not just faint during these episodes, my heart stops altogether. The last 2 years have produced 3 such episodes all recorded on tape in the hospital. It is scary because we now realize that when I faint, I do not just pass-out. For some unexplained reason the heart stops functioning and ususally starts itself up again some 30 - 50 seconds later. Of course in the hospital they do not wait too long to see if it will start up again on it's own...they administer CPR, paddles or chest compressions and that gets it going again....not a pleasant experience... especially the "coming too" part... very dissoriented, sick to my stomach, diaharreah, the works......I will continue to check to you guys later....

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