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Vaso vagal reaction

From: O.Dopheide
Date: 3/14/01
Time: 5:53:16 AM
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The following ia an accurate history of what transpired in my case. Future diagnosis and actions will subsequently be postet here.

March Day 1 Woke up with a small headache at rear of head, at end of neck. 6 7AM Got up at normal speed, sat on side of bed, blacked out, fell forward, hit floor got up immediately, completely surprised. The whole process took no longer than 1-2 seconds.

Felt OK after, except a bit dizzy and empty headed, generally a bit blah.

1 PM, had a glass of red wine with lunch and tried to have some sleep. Could not sleep. 4 PM got up and was quite dizzy with a loss of balance. Far worse than at 7AM.

5 PM Arrived at emergency in Lakeshore Hospital. Blood pressure high, (I was in somewhat of a panic). Cardiogram, blood tests, chest x-ray, nitro patch. 8 PM discharge, all tests were OK.

Note: I have never been found to have high blood pressure, bought a machine to test at home. 8:30 PM pressure normal, balance still shaky, took 3.75 mg IMOVANE and went to sleep.

DAY 2 7 7 AM Rise, still balance problem and dizzy. 11 AM blood pressure 132/76 P68 1 PM 140/80 11 PM Going to bed, very dizzy when lying down. Gradual disappearance.

DAY3 8 AM Rise, unsteady on my feet, dizzy when head is moved too quickly, blah, headachy feeling. Pressure 138/78 P68

11 AM to Emergency again. Several pressure measurements were made : lying, standing etc. Proved OK. Sugar test was OK. Dr. Schellenberg examined and does not think that there is any indication of a mini stroke, or blockage. He recommended to slow down motions, particularly when getting up. He did not see any serious cause for concern and believes it was a transient low pressure Vaso vagal reaction. For greater detail of reasons, he recommended a visit to a Neurologist. He gave me a "transfer" to Dr. Mureson, 514 685 4189. Balance and dizziness were much better, but not gone, at this point 3:30 PM discharge. Light supper, slept some on coutch. BALANCE MUCH IMPROVED. COSOP drops 2%/0.5% To bed at 10:15 PM 1 eye drop of XALATAN 0.005% Up at 2 AM, NO BALANCE PROBLEM.

DAY4 9 Wake up 7:30 AM HEAD MOVEMENT CAUSES DIZZINESS. After slowly getting up, BALANCE PROBLEM QUITE NOTICABLE. Pressure 128/78 P 64 Breakfest, coffee (3cups), egg, baguette. Allo purinol 300 mg, COSOPT eye drop. 9:20 AM Balance problem is there, but improved. Head movement does not cause dizziness. Noon, no change Afternoon walk, balance improved, but still there, not dizzy, blah- feeling still there 8 PM Eye drops COSOPT !0 PM Eye drop XALATAN, to bed. Dizzy in the horizontal, closing eyes helps 1:30 AM Washroom, poor balance.

Day 5 10 8 AM up, very poor balance Breakfest, Allo Purinol, eye drops. Noon, still poor balance, slight headachy feeling. 2 PM balance improved , shower seems to be beneficial on neck. Not dizzy with normal head movements. But still the background headachy feeling. Taking a walk seemed beneficial. Headachy feeling increased as afternoon went by and peaked while I was cooking dinner. It seems that mental concentration and the cooking process with all the attendant up, down and sideways motions increases the "headache". 7 PM, dinner and eyedrops. Watched TV until 10 PM, feeling almost normal in all aspects. 2:30 AM washroom, balance normal.

Day 6 11 7 AM up. General improvement, tiny background headache. Noon no change 6 PM general improvement, balance almost back to normal. Background headache is better. Some dizziness with fast head movements remains. 5 AM Washroom, balance fine, latent headache in back of head still there.

Day 7 12 7:00 AM Rise. Balance normal, background headache still there. 6 PM littlechange, it seems that headachy feeling decreases as the day wears on. 5 AM Washroom, normal

13 Day 8 Up at 7 AM, all seems improved. Background of empty head feeling still there, but no real ache. 4 PM Balance OK, back of head still "empty" feeling, as if having a hang over. 14 Day 9 All seems to be back to normal. Slight presence of "dull head".

PS It would be far better to provide a web site on which such observations my be postet in either "Word", or some other text formats, in order not to loose the cohesion of content. O.Dopheide

This web site is not a substitute for a thorough medical evaluation and diagnosis of your vaso-vagal type symptoms.  Medical treatment and diagnosis is the only acceptable initial response to these serious symptoms since they might present from any number of life threatening and treatable illnesses. It is for you and your physician to rule out more serious illnesses; Please don't use this online forum as an alternative to getting responsible medical attention and being under the care of a physician for the duration of any unknown, suspected or dangerous vaso-vagal syndrome symptoms.
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