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Re: Vaso Vagal Episode

From: Bonnie W
Date: 3/12/01
Time: 11:59:55 AM
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I've been reading some of the articles that people have written. I have had attacks since I was about 15 years old. (Off & On) My worst attacks were when I was excited or stressed. IN high school the band was going to the New York Worlds fair-I was in the bathroom sweating-tingling-losing by bowels and blacking out. The next major attack I had was the day I got married. My poor Mother stood on the toilet tank holding my wedding gown up while I sat on the toilet having an attack. After the attacks I am weak, but grateful to be alive. I woild estimate that I have had at least 20 attacks maybe more. Going to be 50 this year. Interesting, Doctors at one time suggested a vegetarian diet to me-I had more attacks that year after becoming a vegetarian than ever before. I tried a protein diet and did not have one attack the entire year that I was eating protein. I truly do believe that I am dying when I have an attack. I do almost always black out-I do always have a bowel movement that literally explodes from me- during this time I fight trying not to black out-I fight the tingling trying to shake my hands-feet-etc. I know how someone will find me-stripped of my clothes from the sweating-lying cold on the bathroom tile from either passing out or from trying to cool off on the cold floor. It's scary. Unlike some of your articles I have low blood pressure normally- I do tend to worry-My father has panic attacks since he's been in his 70's. I have tried to associate what happens to me to stress-but I can't always do that-I would think it a diet related thing, but that doesn't eplain the attacks when I was in High School. In those days I ate right-We didn't hit McDonalds etc. like kids do now. Love to hear what others think.

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