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Some of my Story

From: Jon
Date: 3/11/01
Time: 4:32:12 AM
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I just recently found this forum on V-V and have been scanning some of the postings and thought I would add some of my story. I had my first episode back in college at the age of 20 and have been hit with these episodes periodically over the last 26 years. It's something that as forced me to make changes in my life in order to control the frequency of occurance.

One of the major things that I need to be aware of is my body fluid level as it seems that being dehydrated is a major factor for bringing on an episode. Twice when ending up in the hospital due to an episode, just having an IV saliene was all I needed to "bring the lights back on".

Sort of related to this is controlling the intake of alcohol, I'm pretty much a 3 beer guy now, with glasses of water added in between. I thing this is related to the dehydration factor as that is part of what happens when drinking alcohol.

I avoid hot dry climates, living in NH helps that. I try to be aware of those hot crowd filled situations and events that go on in life. Hot crowded stuffy rooms have seemed to bring on an episode from time to time. I attempt to manage my stress levels, which is not always easy with work and teenagers in the house. I get plenty of rest and sleep to try not and get run down.

I feel for all who suffer. It can be embarassing to have it happen in public. It's scary for those who don't know what is happening. Please don't be afraid to family and coworkers that this can happen. All my family knows and my immediate family knows how to help me when this happens, lie flat, cold cloths on the forehead, help me cooldown etc.. Tell those coworkers you can trust with it, just so someone in the workplace knows and could help if necessary. I tell them it a blood pressure problem, "It just drops out from time to time".

Basically for me it's been lots of lifestyle management and by doing this I have avoided any need for medication and the such. It works, but there is always the anticipation and concern about when the next one may occur.

By the way, there may be some genetic traits, I have an uncle who has the same thing happen.

Hope some of this helps.


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