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Re: V-V Experiences

From: jcm
Date: 2/16/01
Time: 12:43:26 PM
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I also get motion sickness, but only if I try to read in a moving car. Elevators bother me in the ears because of the pressure change. I remember first fainting after a blood test. But even as a child, I had fainting problems.

A sliver in my finger once required a trip to the hospital. I learned about the lowered blood pressure as "Park Paramedics" were removing some stones that had gotten imbeded in my knee at an amusement facility. I felt faint and my blood pressure dropped to 70/something.

Friends keep wanting me to donate blood, but with V-V that would be a disaster. The scariest experience occured in the hospital. About 10 minutes after they put an IV in my arm, I started to feel light-headed and, seeing my "eyes roll up into my head", my friend ran for help. It wasn't scary for me, I was out. But my friend sure did panic!

The most bazaare trigger I had was when a Vet was talking to me about the shot he gave my cat, and I passed out just listening to him. By the way, try to avoid passing out in animal hospitals. It panics the staff. They don't know what to do with humans who pass out. When I came to, they encouraged me to seek another vet. (they didn't want to see me back there again, I scared them too badly!)

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