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Attacks after surgery.

From: Rebecca
Date: 1/19/01
Time: 8:32:18 AM
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To add to my last email... All my symptoms with cravings for Salt, Salty Foods. Caffeine always triggers a Vagal Attack and If I eat too much at one time. I had a Gastric Bypass and it started with frequent uncontrolled urination so much that it would dehydrate me and cause the massive leg cramps. My heart races, I shake on the inside of me and every organ seems to go into distress. I have fainted 3 times during a 3 year period, however I always get dizzy and things go dark whether I lay down or standing, not always when I get up. They did find that my small intestine was open only the size of a pencil tip. I have had two Endoscopies and each time they take a balloon and enlarge the opening to allow food to go through. They can't do it all at once for fear of rupturing my small intestine. What actually happens every time I eat more then a cup of food is that it will start with light headedness, heart racing, hands shaking and then I have to go to the bathroom FAST or I will wet my pants. I urinate for 20 minutes FAST and then the leg severe leg cramps start and they are from the toes, arch, ankle, calf and shines lasting 45 minutes. After all this I am so fatigued I can hardly function. At night I don't sleep well, leg cramps extreme and they placed me on ALPROZALAM which is a anti-anxiety medicine and they said it sounds like my whole system is going into anxiety. It work great! At work if it comes on I take half and it calms everything down. I am extremely fatigued but it lessens the affect of the attack. I will be having my 3rd Endoscopy the 26th to enlarge the small entestine again. This procedure also creates a Vagal attack due to the invasiveness. However after 3 weeks I am stronger and can endure more and getting more energy. They also put me on B12 injections because it was low, placed me on High doses of mega-vitamins with protein and I also eat extra salt. Sweets trigger these attacks also along with caffein. So my best advice is to keep being persistent on your symptoms....YOU KNOW YOUR BODY! I changed doctors 3 times before I found one who would look into it further. He even thought I had a Liver tumor due to the high levels it was at and that turned out to be normal. Dysautonomia is what I am going to look into and I believe that I have four issues going on. Fibromyalgia, Vagal attacks, Dysautonomia and Low B12. Anyone out there that has these similar issues after having Gastric Bypass please respond to this or email me at

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