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possible VVS?

Date: 12/31/00
Time: 2:33:00 PM
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I am wondering if this would possibly be vasovagl syncope. I have had perhaps 6 "fainting" episodes in the last 20-30 years. The first one was when I was about 10 years old and I feel down and skinned my knee. The pain was intense and when I was treated by the school nurse, I passed out. She says that I told her I was going to do this. The next one happened when I was about 16 years old and had to get a series of shots. The last shot did not work and the nurse told me that hse had to do it over and I told her I was going to faint and I did. This time, I had a seizure and ended up across the room, when I came to. No workup was done. The next one happened when I was driving my car and 2 days later I experienced it again. The next one was a few years later and I was watching a medical prodedure that the patient was experincing pain. I felt that I was going to faint, so I leaned up against a wall to slide down it slowly. I again, ended up across the room. id o recall hearing things crashing during this episode. When I awoke, many people were around me and I refused treatment. I did end up with bruises from this incident and cracked a tooth. The next time, I experienced this, I fainted and vomitted everywhere. I was weak, sweaty and upset after this, due to embarrassment. My last episode, I again, knew I was going to pass out and threw up again. I had a severe headache for two days afterwards and was weak and shaky as well. I have noticed that these episodes seem to follow either extreme stress or pain, or that I have not eaten properly that day and expect that my blood sugar is low, which it has been as low as 40 mg/dl. Comments?

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