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V-V & CONTACT LENSES - h e l p !!!

From: Debbie
Date: 12/4/00
Time: 12:11:56 AM
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A number of years ago I decided to have contact lenses fitted. The eye specialist used eye drops and then inserted the contact lens - hard type - after a few moments I felt dizzy, everything went light and dark, I prickled with sweat and found myself in darkness and I could hear little children playing - altho I was nowhere near any children. After coming round I was told I had had a fit for approx 30 seconds. I went back 2 more times and had the same thing occur. I had all the tests in the book and nothing was found. I was told it was "just" a vaso-vagal fit. The optician said that a small percentage of the population have this if you work on their eyes or teeth. I have never had a problem with teeth but mentioned it to my dentist nevertheless - he said it was because of adrenalin in the anaesthetic - but I never followed up on tghat one - it seemed a contradiction in terms.

Now more than 10 years later I have decided to have Lasik Eye Surgery - On the last test which required having eye drops I had the same episode. After about 30 seconds I felt nauseous, sweaty, of balance and submerged in darkness - this time I did not hear children - but adults arguing - there was no-one about except the specialist. I am scheduled to have the operation in a few days time and thought I should try to find out a little more about this so if anyone has any ideas to help, please let me know.

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