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Date: 11/26/00
Time: 6:30:31 PM
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Last week,I ended up in the hospital by way of the ER,after nearly passing out twice during physical therapy that I was having following knee surgery. My blood pressure was up/down, up/down. Unfortunately, the on-call cardiologist from the practice I use, wasn't my own and to say that his bedside manner stunk, is putting it mildly! He didn't show up until later the next evening and was irritated that no one called him to say that the hospital didn't carry the medication, (Proamatine) that I take. The nurse also didn't give me my Tenormin, which I take for mitral valve, because she felt that it would drop my blood pressure even more. The fluctuations were unreal - my pressure soared at one point to 115/78, which is high for me and then plunged to 90/60. The cardiologist didn't feel the readings were a problem nor was the numbness and tingling that I was expereincing in my arms, hands, and legs. The chest pain I had? Pah! Did I mention how cold and uncaring this man is?! He discharged me to go home to my medication - even walking was a problem at this point - and suggested that my problems might be neurological; perhaps I have MS. I feel no better today - 11/26/00 - and have been told by another partner in the practice to take it easy, with plenty of fluids. I am still lightheaded, nauseous, headachey, and I've passed out a few times. Help! The nurses were shocked to see me being discharged, when I needed their assistance to go to the bathroom. Did I mention that I didn't even get a wheelchair to leave the hospital?! I was still on crutches at that point, but the doctor felt I could walk out. Does anyone have any suggestions about what I should do next? All help will be much appreciated!!!



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