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Pizza Bagle

From: Al
Date: 10/29/00
Time: 7:03:50 PM
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Yes, Pizza Bagle, thats what I like to call it, it sounds less medical and more loveable. I am 25 with no other medical problems except lactose intolerance and one of those funky misshapen toungues that hurt when I eat citrus things. Any ways I have been fainting since I can remember. The most memorable fainting moments include 5 years old dad stubs his toe and it bleeds a lot, 2nd grade dental movie (I still get the shivers when I see that darn Timmy the Tooth fellow, health class in highschool that was the worst i tried to leave the room but didn't make it out the door that started a lot of nice rumors about me being pregnate, on drugs and anorexic! Oh yeah and when I was watching that movie with nickolous cage i think and its on alcatraz or something any there are biological weapons and he has to insert the antidote directlly into his heart.... ok thats making me sick time to change the subject It was always just "she passes out at the sight of blood" but it is more than that. Its the thought of blood the thought of medical stuff, hospitals, blood in movies, car accident on the road, a fight in the parking lot after school. I usually can control it before I am lying on the floor ya know get out of the situation. But I am so very paranoid about these situations is gets quite annoying.So I am scared to go to the doctor, scared to go to the dentist ya know I call it my "all things medical" allergy. Anyways so now the problem is besides that I am to scared call the dentist to set up an appointment because I am scared of the appointment. The real problem is now my husband wants us to have a kid. i am 100% for adopting but he wants one of his own but the very thought of getting pregnate makes me sick. its not just the birthing part its also the 9 months of constant anxiety that has me anxious. and that can't be good for the child within! all that on my head does not make for a romantic evening. Anyways my dr gave me lil pills for anxiety when I start feeling woozy and nervous I take one. It helped me through a dr visit and a very bad cut finger, and my best friends fist born (but it didn't keep me in the room for the delivery) It also helps me feel better that I have those lil pills in my purse just in case. But it still doesn't help with this darn baby dillima. My husband suggested I see a psychologist. BUT I AM SCARED TO! Well I hope this helps all the other pizza bagle sufferers out there. Hey I can be like a Jerry Springer show how you watch it makes you feel good and say "at least I am not as messed up as those people" Oh yeah a nurse told me I was vasa vagel when my husband rushed me to the hospital after I passed out for no apparent reason. That was about a year ago and the first time I ever had blood taken or tested or anything like that. it was the worse day of my life. but atleast I know I am not alone. Hey if you have any suggestions about this baby thing let me know! AL

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