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Re: 8 year old

Date: 10/18/00
Time: 2:27:40 PM
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Hi. I know what you are going thru. My daughter was diagnosed with vaso-vega a couple of years ago. She has had episodes since she was a baby but I never knew what was going on. She has episodes where she passes out and has a convulsion after wards. She has lost bladder control once. The episodes are triggered by a painful experience or when she was sick. She has had a 2 eegs and checked out by a cardiologist. All negative. I was told to increase her salt and drink gatorade. She also has to get her sleep. She is 12 now and sleepovers are kept to a minimum. She had not had an episode for 3 years until this summer. She had just returned from a week away at camp and got her period. A couple of days later she got sick with a fever and passed out. She always gets a real bad feeling in her stomach before it happens, but there is not much time after that when she passes out. She has many problems with irritible bowel which I think is part of the vegal nerve. She also complains of knee pain. I thought this was very interesting what you said about your son. Maybe there is some connection? I don't know. This whole vaso-vegal thing has me bewildered because you never know if it will happen this time. I try to keep her life as normal as possible and pray she will out grow this. This is what I am told. I don't really believe it but anything is possible if you have faith.My daughter has been told to go to the nurse at school if she feel sick not to go to the bathroom. And if she is in the grocery store and feels like she is going to pass out she is to get on the floor. I don't care where she is. And if someone thinks she is having a seizure she is to tell them she has vaso-vegal. This should not have to be for a 12 year old. my heart goes out to her. But she has to learn to live with it. If I can be of any support to you please don't hesitiate to ask me any questions. I know where you are now. It is not a fun place!!! Sincerely, Pat

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