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Re: Vaso Vagal Episode

From: Jen~
Date: 9/27/00
Time: 7:41:41 PM
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I am just like the other respondents in that I don't really have a solution...however, I am sympathetic since I have had this condition since my late teens. Same exact thing....severe cramping that I knew was going to be diarhea....and then at some point waking up on the bathroom floor with a busted lip, black eye or some sort of scrape or bump from falling. The good news is that this typically happens to me only once every two years or so. The bad news is that I am sitting here writing this with a black eye due to an episode last night. I wish I could say I have found something but helps, but actually this sight is the first confirmation I've had that there was even anyone else who did this. I have done the following as a prevention of husband knows that I do this sometimes (I don't always faint when I have cramping but I can't predict when I will or won't.)So, he checks on me and I also sometimes take a pillow to the bathroom with me and hold it in front of me so if I do fall, at least I'll fall on it. I have reported this to three different doctors and they all seemed pretty unconcerned like most here have said. I don't feel it's life threatening, just very inconvenient and at times, like tonight, painful. I have two children and I teach school which doesn't really allow for lots of bathroom breaks or fainting spells and this has never stopped me in any way from having a busy fufilling life. I hope this will reassure you and your daughter. I look at it as an inconvenience. Good luck to you! Jen~

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