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vomiting while unconscious part of my experience

From: Lynn w/ neurocardiogenic syncope
Date: 9/1/00
Time: 2:30:30 PM
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I am 54 years old, and my firs attack happened after I had a pinched nerve type of back problem that was very painful. I could barely walk on my own, therefore my husband was helping me walk and sit down on the toilet. I remember saying "I don't feel too good" and passed out. He said my eyes rolled back in my head and I was white. After about 15 seconds I came to, and then repeated the same thing, only this time I threw up while I was unconscious. I went back to bed, felt better in a couple days, and more or less forgot about it, though I did tell the doctor about it next time I went in. A year and a half passed and I was getting out of a booth in a restaurant and my foot felt like it was asleep, and when I stepped on it I fell. I thought I was ok, and when I went to get up I found that my foot was really hurt from twising it, and I felt faint. Once again, I totally passed out, came to, and passed out again. Paramedics came, and my BP was very low. When the sat me up, I passed out again, and this time threw up while I was out. (all of this happening in the lobby of a restaurant must have been awful for the other patrons, however I was oblivious). They took me to the hospital, where I had an ekg and bloodwork in addition to ex rays of my foot. Felt faint there, but they gave me IVs and kept me lying down till I could leave. The emergency room doctor suggested vaso-vagal, and that I should follow up with my own doc. He sent me to a cardiologist who gave me a tilt table test which confirmed the diagnosis. unfortunately, I also had a vasodepressor reaction, which as I understand it causes my heart to stop when the bloodpressure drops. He had to deliver precordial thumps to restore my heart which had stopped for about a minute. I now have been advised to have a pacemaker since I was unable to tolerate por-banthine (made me too sleepy, etc.)and I also take flourinef, drink lots and heavy salt. I am scheduled for the pacemaker on Sept. 13th. I would welcome feedback from anyone similar problems. Don't seem to hear of too many with pacemaker recommendations, but probably because of my extreme heart reaction. What do you think? I did not have any of the incontinence problems that seems to be common, but I am very fatigued most of the time, and am going to be evaluated for Chronic Fatigue if the insurance ever gets approval for me to go to a neuropsychiatrist (sp?).I can identify with those of you who talk about fatigue.

I have this!!

From: Kris


This has happenend to me for the last 2 years. I experience the same symptoms as described by other patients. I kow exactly what is about to happen and I know that I am about to pass out. I get dizzy , my mouth will begin to salivate, my body gets weak, and I know that it's about to happen. I thought it was because I was hypoglycemic, but sometimes I would have eaten a meal and be fine and it just happens. But most times the sugar helps, if I can get to once I come back around. And it always happens around my period. I am a US soldier and I am very healthy. Is this natural? Could it by signs that something worse is going on?

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