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Anger, Alcohol, Menstrual Cycle, Genetic?

From: Bill Branch
Date: 8/15/00
Time: 6:08:42 PM
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This is primarily for those who periodically deal with the Vaso Vagal experience or get it in a series of waves. I) Questions II) Recent experience I) Do any of the following, by themselves or in concert with another, increase the frequency of Vaso Vagal experiences? 1) Anger or extreme emotion? Does anger or extreme emotional events seem to trigger this event? 2) Alcohol? Does alcohol have any relationship to this event? 3) Menstrual Cycle? 4) Fatieg? Do this event happen when you are more alert or more tired? 5) Time of day? Is there a time of day that it happens more? II) Here is my experience with my fiancée: She had the experiences when she was in 8th grade but stopped in the same year. 12 years later it happens again. She comes home from the bar after having 6 drinks over five hours, which is a lot for her. I accompany her to the bathroom and hold her hair out of the way while she gets sick. A few minutes late she stands up for about a couple of minutes and faints in my arms. Now, this was a weird kind of faint. It was like in a flash all her life signs were turned off. I thought she had died right there, I was scared to death! Here eyes where as open as they were when she was conscience but no life in them at all, no breathing, no pulse I could read. She was this way for at least 30 seconds while I dialed 911. Then she came too and it happened again 5 minutes later. She was taken to the hospital and the doctor said she was Vagaling…hummmm? He explained it to me. Her blood alcohol level was only .147 which is hardly alcohol poisoning. She took two bags of IV solution and was worn out for the next 2.5 days.

A few things that I have found in common when she was in 8th grade: 1) We have been fighting the worst ever lately and she was a difficult teen in 8th grade. At least emotionally between her and her folks. 2) She started her period around that time. Also, is this genetic? I really hope some of you will reply or send me e-mail. Bill Branch

Please help me

From: Dave


I ave been dealing with this vaso vagal crap my whole life and up till recently it wasnt that big of a deal. but now its taken over my life. i constantly feel like im dieing. i have the constant felling that im about to pass out. My chest pounds i get cold sweats and my body literally feels like its about to shut down. I have never been so scared in my life. My body feels like its slowly winding down to death. If anyone has any and i mean ANY advice as to coping with this disorder please let me know. you can E-mail me at Please Help

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