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Date: 8/8/00
Time: 1:27:29 PM
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many years ago I had fainting spells. There was no common denometer to my spells. While playing softball,after dinner @ a hotel,in a nursing home talking with my wife. After many tests given by a heart doctor,including tilt table, I was told to eat more salt to retain water. I have not had an episode of fainting for the past year or two, but I do know when an episode is nearing since my eyes roll back into my head & then I relax lie down until it is gone. My Doctor is aware of my condition but he states I'm in good health and just watch myself. If you have any comments I'd be interested. Thanks....

Re: Another story, surgery warning

From: Mimi


Wow! It is great to know that I am not alone in this! I am sorry you guys are having to deal with it though. I had a similar experience with surgery recently. I also have had a virus for over a week. Today my phone rang and I got up to answer it and passed out just seconds after answering the phone. When I woke up, I had to go the bathroom. while I was in there I realized that it was going to happen again so i went back to the phone and called for the ambulance. I thought I was dying. I passed out again and was out until the ambulance arrived. They could not get a blood pressure on me so they transported me to the ER. I have had several instances like this throughout my life. Usually during times of physical stress. I never knew until today that it had a name or any type of treatment. Thanks for sharing your stories!

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