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Vaso-Vagal & CFS

From: Lori Reyes
Date: 7/7/00
Time: 2:24:52 PM
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I have had cfs & fibromyalgia for the past 5 years. Recently tested postitive for the tilt test. My quality of life is miserable. I have been going from doctor to doctor and no one has put me on medication for the Vaso-Vagal which is my main concern. Doctors say things like take it easy, take naps during the day. My boss would laugh me out of a job if I asked to take naps during the day. I have read that Vaso-Vagal is an abnormal blood pressure drop as well as drop in heart rate. The body produces abnormal or deformed red blood cells. This inhibits their ability to absorb oxygen which is necessary for proper function of organs and muscles of the body. After a while everything starts suffering from oxygen deprivation. I am convinced that if my Vaso-Vagal symptoms could be successfully treated, the cfs and fibromyalgia would improve. I also believe this could be hormonal related. I also read about the lack of oxytocin in the body causes many of the symptoms of vaso-vagal, cfs, fibromyalgia, ibs, ovarian pain, etc... I know others of you have had trouble getting doctors to help. If any of you have had success, let me know your secrets. You may reach me at

Re: VV mimicks Panic Attacks

From: Mrs. K


Interesting. I have had anxiety disease for several years and is pretty well under control. Unfortunately this year I have had two episodes of panic then pasing out!! I never saw a reference to this until I found you. Have you more info. I am going to look up VV, never heard of it.

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