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vaso vagal related?

From: WH
Date: 6/30/00
Time: 7:55:02 PM
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On February 9, 1999, I came down with an ear ringing that seemed a lot like hearing-loss-related tinnitus. being just 29 at the time, ad never a frequent night-clubber or patron of other places where dangerously high sounds are inescapable, I was worried. About the same time, I came down with a cold and felt a bit dizzy, a little slow. However, I became really concerned when I overcame the cold, but the ear ringing and vague sense of dizziness stayed with me. I once nearly passed out in a movie theatre a few months prior, which I thought was realted to watching one of those giant screen 3-D imax movie that wreaks havoc with y7our orientation. But at this point, having gotten over the cold, I expected the other symptoms to disappear. I saw a doctor who referred me to two specialists. One tested me for balance and reflex dysfunctions. The other tested my hearing, including some heavy duty test where 20-30 electrode were attached to my head; this was supposed to reveal anything from mild ear dysfunction to an acoustic tumor, I was told. Both tests came back negative. Furthermore, although I seemed to have classic hearing-loss related ear-ringing, I passed the hearing tests without making a single mistake...and I took the test twice! This diagnosis (or lack thereof) put me at ease, ruling out my worst fears. I was almost wishing that something easily identifiable had happened, like my eardrum bursting, so that I would KNOW what was causing this ringing plus mild dizzy-like feeling I had constantly had ever since February 9th. Not knowing what next to do, I went as far as to be tested for the worst diseases involving immune response, and those came back negative as well.

About a month later, I went to visit relatives in another country (outside the US) and met a specialist there as well to see if anything might be discovered from outside the HMO-dominated medical culture that does not seem to recognize any illness that defies its insurance-motivated cookie-cutter style of fitting symptoms with anything that does NOT involve expensive tests. Can you tell I am a little frustrated? This specialist found nothing wrong either, and subjected me to many of the same tests I had taken. SO, now I find myself in Japan, have been hoping that the symptoms would disappear on their own, and after a year, I am wondering if I will be stuck with this half-ill feeling for the rest of my life, an illness that medical wisdom concludes does not exist.

In short the symptoms are:

Feeling of "fullness" in my ears, as if fluid is caught in them - none has ever been observed by the specialists

Ringing in my ears, more in the right ear than the left - this has not abated since Feb 9, 1999

A dizzy feeling that forces me to compensate all the time. For example, standing on a train platform and going into a gaze, or staring at a train whizzing by makes me start to feel wobbly, forcing me to quickly shift position to avert passing out.

I do not and cannot sleep more than 5 hours in a row.

Ever since Feb 9, 1999, I cannot remember a single day when I did not wake up feeling tired immediately after getting out of bed, or an hour or two later. But, it always happens.

Lastly, I have been ignoring these symptoms, trying to "think" them away. However, this strategy is not working. I exercise vigorusly, if for no other reason because the adrenaline rush makes me feel 100% well, as opposed to the 90% that I have otherwise lived with since Feb 1999. I don't know what to do. I keep saying that maybe this is just a part of getting older and not being an invincible teenager or twenty-something anymore. However, I suffer most when I am sedentary and when there is silence around me, because THEN there is nowhere I can run from the reality of a yearlong illness I desperately want to cure or at least alleviate. Sleeping pills, antibiotics have not worked. I have had an EEG but, since this condition stays with me, the negative result would seem to indicate that my head is okay. But of course, all is NOT okay. I have not had an MRI, but I don't know if that would help. HELP!!!! Does anyone have any suggestions?

VV Or what?

From: PJC


Hey all. This is a great resource and I hope it can help me figure out my problem.

In april i was sick, flu and cold, and went to the DR. In the office I passed out cold and had a seizure. Apparently as it happened they didnt lower me to the ground fast enough and this caused the blood to flow away from my brain. Took me to the ER, had a CT, EKG, Xray. CT found a coincidental cerebral cyst but the neuro dr said its not related.

About 3 weeks ago, I was on vacation and got up at 3am to go to the bathroom. In the middle of it I sensed that I was going to pass out and next thing I know i was on the floor. My friend said that my eyes were open, i was struggling to breath and when i came to i was disoriented and like a "caged animal" Earlier that evening I had drank about 1liter of beer and a margarita - as well as the fact that i had a cold and slight fever (I know, i'm stupid).

Finally, two nights ago, again, recovering from a cold that had me feeling bad all week, I woke up in the middle of hte night and feeling like I was going to pass out. Ears ringing, etc. I stayed in bed, put my legs up, and after 10 minutes it went away. The next day i was EXTREMELY tired however and couldnt really do anything.

Does this sound like VV episodes? I take my BP regularly and notice that its often times HIGH. 150/90 or so. Also, these episodes are causing anxiety - which is the toughest part. Scared to do what I used to do! Figuring out what my triggers are is helpful, but its still holding me back.

Any comments are welcome! Thanks!

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