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Re: treatment for vaso-vagal

From: geri
Date: 6/7/00
Time: 11:43:17 AM
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dear s.p,

i seem to be doing well with the zoloft. i have not had any fainting episodes in over two weeks now. however, the side-effects bother me a bit. i've noticed a decrease in my appetite and i yawn a lot now. i have to reconsider about being on the medication. i might stay on it for a month. i still wear my event monitor. my doctor wants me to have it for at least another month to be absolutely certain the zoloft helps. i am back to doing my normal activity... i work out and stay very active. this vasovagal syncope has caused a lot of concern. my family, friends and co-workers have all been so worried. my co-workers have witnessed my episodes and i was rushed to the e.r twice. i am lucky to be able to tell when i am going to have an episode. i get a bad 'metallic' taste in my mouth, nausea and upper gastric discomfort. then, i get so light-headed and weak that i just crumple to the floor. my co-workers tease me now... they say that someone should invent air-bag underwear for me. i don't actually loose consciousness because i can hear everything around me, but my body becomes paralysed and i can't move. when i come out of it, my face feels really hot and i feel so fatigued that i can just go right to sleep. my doctors have no clue what has brought this about... i have not been stressed out and i don't suffer from depression. i have been a nurse for 5 years now and the sight of blood or any kind of medical procedure has never ever bothered me. i hope this helps you. i think this site is absolutely wonderful. it doesn't make me feel that i am the only one that has this condition. a lot of people still don't know about this... i now have a better understanding of what is going on. good luck to you s.p. e-mail me sometime to let me know how things are going. my e-mail is geri

Re: stomach ache/vomiting brings on episode

From: Christine


Vomiting seems to bring on my VV attack. If I know I'm going to be sick, my body shuts down and I pass out. When I come round, I vomit about 15-30 seconds later. This only happens in extreme circumstances and a high temperature seems to be the only common link. I'd love to stop this for good and know if anyone else out there has the same problem. Thanks.

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