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V-V Experiences

From: Lynn
Date: 5/18/00
Time: 1:11:54 PM
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Although my experiences are not remarkable in this context, like others, I hope that compiling information from many sufferers can lead to relief for many of us!

I am a 46 year old female, fairly fit, I exercise 3-5 times per week, my blood pressure tends to be low and I have had about 8 "faints" in the past 10 years. I was diagnosed after the third episode. The first three were each separated by years, now the pace has accelerated and I have had three in the past 10 months. That acceleration is worrisome, although my episodes are mostly not too difficult to manage. They worry my family and those around me more than me.

Typically, I faint mid-morning while sitting quietly at my desk at work. Without warning I feel too dizzy to stay in my chair, and fall to the floor. I never completely lose consciousness. My body temperature soars and I get very red in the face and sweat, then my temperature crashes and I turn pale. Then I feel naueous. The first few times I always vomited, now I usually don't, although I do feel naseous. Within a couple of hours I usually feel completely fine.

VARIATIONS ON THE THEME In addition to the "typical" episode I have described, I have also had an episode while exercising, and in the middle of the night I woke up experiencing a mild episode. One episode I can tie to dehydration, but there is NO common denominator I can find. Food, sugar, dehydration, stress, mentrual cycle, time of day, level of activity - every factor has exceptions. I have never had an episode associated with thinking about fainting or sights or thoughts that make me feel squeamish.

I fainted during a tilt table test, and have followed the recommendation to eat more salt and drink more water.

Recently my doctor suggested that we could try a beta blocker, but the frequency of my episodes, the possible side effects and the vague likelihood of efficacy don't add up for me.

Good luck to you all.

Re: Salt Helps Me

From: cheryl


tony are you stressed? anxiety can trigger many things. you may not know you are having an anxiety attack. before your heart beats irregular what are you doing/thinking etc.. caffeine can trigger it cold med. can trigger it even berr can trigger it.

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