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Date: 5/12/00
Time: 6:22:16 PM
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thanks, for the info. I've had fainting spells most of my life and just thought it was just a me. but hear theirs a name for this, resently, i've had the bowel movemets and was that embarrising. the doc. makes no big deal of this just says to put my head down when i feel faint thamks for the info.

Re: yeah me too

From: Amy


I was diagnosed with the same problem at age 19...Now almost 28 I'm doing okay! I was put on Beta-Blockers and they started to give me horrible nightmares. I was still blacking out whenever I over did any activity, if I went running it was for sure that I would pass out when I got back. My husband actually broke my sternum while shaking me to wake me up after shoveling our roof. I went back continuously to my Cardiologist and complained that I wasn't doing any better and I hated the Beta Blockers. He told me about keeping a lot of Caffeine and Salt in my system. He said that my heart would slow so much on all my testings that it would almost stop. The Caffeine and Salt would keep my Blood pressure regulated, and I needed that because of how an active person I'am. I do really well now, I have some bad days and some good days. But for the most part I really watch what I do and what I intake and avoid stress. Pregnancy was horrible because I didn't have any caffeine and I did'nt want to start Beta Blockers again. I was induced early because I couldn't stop blacking out. I have two healthy children that I hope one day won't have this condition. My parents started to see symptoms in me of this unknown at age 13. It took 6 years for us to finally understand what was happening! Good luck to everyone out there who is coping with this.

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