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Passes out in dark room

From: Steve Painter
Date: 4/10/00
Time: 5:47:05 PM
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My son who is 18, has passed out 3 times while working in a photography dark room. He has had several medical tests and talked to several specialists. Nothing abnormal shows up.

Any ideas?

Zoloft, Toprol & pacemaker Questions

From: R.Kunkel


Hi all. I'm 28 and have been diagnosed for 2 years. I was put on 50mg Zoloft and 50mg xlToprol per day. Works great - few to no attacks. Now I am nursing a new baby and have been off the Zoloft for nearly a year because of pregnancy and nursing. The toprol they let me stay on at 25mg. Now the baby is 9 weeks and I'm still just on 25 mg Toprol but my pulse seems slow and I've been having vv /panic attacks - I can't tell which is which now. They seem to only come at night, with bowel upset. As soon as I'm done nursing I can go back on the Zoloft but that won't be for a while (6 months is my goal). My qs. is I never had the tilt table test done because the Dr. was so sure of my having vv. I am worried that he may have missed if my heart stops durring fainting since he's never seen me faint and I always come out of it within a min or 2. Hubby says I look dead but he says he's never looked for a pulse as I am breathing. What do you think? should I go through a horrible tilt test just to find out? or should I not worry about it since I don't have the episodes while I'm on meds? Also I haven't actually passed out in a few years. I just feel like I will. I lay down on the cold floor or go outside and lay on the deck - very cold and I can get myself back. Thanks for the help. post to me directly @

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