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vaso-vagal incidents

From: sylvia
Date: 4/8/00
Time: 6:23:13 AM
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Over the years I have had infrequent fainting spells. They had ocurred when I was about/or menstrating, although not too often. As I was older (into my fiftys I noticed that when I was having a bowel movement with severe cramping I fainted a fell head first off the toilet.I am 74 years old now and I would say this happened perhaps 10 times (veryrandom) I must say I am an inpatient person and took little time for myself ex: sitting long enough to have a movement. When I was 70 I had an attack (due to the fact I had to ,ove my bowels and put off getting to the toilet. Result, cramping,fainting. This sent me to the "ER" Result a colonoscopy which could not be completed as my blood pressure went down to the 40's. The doctor paniced and sent me to a cardiologisr who ordered a pacemaker. Irefused to have it. Present condition: I take a vitamin supplement with a great side effect. My bowels are regular. A good movement each morning. I pay attention to my body and have not had an episode with the exception of one time, but I felt it coming and secured myself and rode it through. I had a tilt table test. I could not be forced to faint."No bowel cramps at that time." Do you find this interesting.? Let me know

Vaso Vegal Hereditary

From: Myra in  Sydney Australia


Hi everyone

My 11 son has recently had another of a series of vaso vegal attacks and this one was in a doctor's surgery after he had had an immunization needle.

I have previously discussed this with my doctor but this time she was there to see it for herself. He actually has a mild seizure at the same time- this I have been told is a result of blood pressure coming back up to normal.

At the time another doctor came into the room and told me that it happens to 1 in 10 of the population and that it is usually hereditary. In retrospect I think that I too have had a couple of episodes in my life which sound remarkably like the things people have been describing in the discussion.

My son's various episodes have been in relation to some stressful situation usually blood, needles or a panic type episode.

Hopefully he will outgrow it as it is pretty scary and, being a self conscious 11 year old, humiliating if it happens in front of your friends.

I've tried to explain to him that he can't help it and that if he feels it coming on, he must sit down on the ground to avoid falling.

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