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Re: Anxiety in situations after Vaso-incident

From: peggy
Date: 3/28/00
Time: 2:25:31 PM
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I also feel like a freak. I am 26 years old and have had this problem for many years, since a freshman in high school. I was embarassed most of the time and learned that people need to accept me......all of me and that includes this disorder. It is very depressing however because just a year ago the actual diagnosis came. They told me that i had to have had when i was teen due to the same symptoms but all the other drs ignored the problem and thought that i was just crazy. They were wrong there really was something wrong with me. I am now on pro-amatine which is helping the problem so far. None of the other drugs worked so that doesn't give me much hope. Anyway just realize that you are not alone and that this is something that is part of you. Accept yourself and others will accept you too.

Re: Vaso-Vagal Discussion

From: tami


I was diagnosed w/ vv at the age of 14 and had several episodes thru the age of 21. then they subsided until last week when I possibly had one(i'm 32 now.) But, the events leading up to each one have been very different and it's hard to tell if this last one was infact a vv episode, but the reaction was the same as all others. In all the others, I could feel them coming on when I get weak, everything gets grey and blurry, sound becomes muffled if not muted then I wake up on the floor. only a couple of people have witnessed the whole event and said that I look like an epileptic during a grand mal seizure. They only last a few minutes but when I come to, it's like going into one.. I first regain hearing , then sight, then it takes a few minutes to be able to move and put everything that happened together. Like i said though, the events prior to the episode vary widely. The first one was after burning my hand w/a greas splash and putting it under cold water, then my dog in ICU, having blood taken cutting my finger (no bigger than a paper cut that bled alittle), too many bc pills once, etc. My blood pressure is normally on the lower side of normal but nothing to be concerned about and I am in very good shape. Is it even possible for them to dissappear for a while then all of a sudden happen out of the blue? or was this last episode something entirely different? Also, I've noticed on this web page that salt and electrolytes are often mentioned. I have been pretty low on those lately. If you have any info on this or other web sites to refer me to, please let me know. Thanks

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