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Re: Vaso-Vagal

From: John L
Date: 3/26/00
Time: 10:16:34 AM
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Hi Audrey, I am pleased to seen there are others who consider the option of taking medication to be worse than the complaint. Please other sufferers don't get upset at this comment, many are clearly suffering far more more serious and frequent episodes than I do. I am please to say that I have isolated the conditions to hard to digest food (french fries and such) tiredness, possibly dehydration and coffee as some of the factors I have to watch. I known there aother factors that may trigger an episode.

I guess I am lucky compared with our fellow suffered. My heart goes out to young folk like Amy who need serious intervention to episodes.

Good luck, hope you can find the circumstances that trigger the problem, thus enabling avoidance.

John L

Vaso and big meals??

From: GMJ


If anyone has insight on this it would be a huge help. My husband has had three "episodes" and the Dr.'s are considering Vaso-Vagal. They have all happened right after he is done eating a huge meal. I mean like he just puts the fork down and it starts. It hasnt been the same food so I cant tie it to that. He usually gets an extremely full feeling and then nausea. About a minute after that the full on panic sweat dripping from him. He turns about three shades of White and grey, gets very tingly and dizzy, and he almost hits the floor face first. On the first episode he did hit the floor for about a minute and then woke up very disoriented. Does this ring a bell with anyone? I had thought they were panic attacks but he disagree's.

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