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Re: Vaso Vagal Episode

From: Martha
Date: 3/24/00
Time: 5:56:22 AM
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Don't despair. I've been going through the exact same thing for over 20 years and never said a word to anyone. Dr.s back then would just have told me it's all in my head anyway and make some wisecrack about pottytraining problems. I finally had an episode in front of my dr. while he was doing a sigmoidoctopy. that's when I found out there was a name to what was happening to me. I am going to go after him for more info. chin up!

Funny Bones Not so funny?

From: Brian and


From looking at most of the posts on this site im relieved that my episodes are few and far between. Im a 20 year old male and ive had 4 episodes in my life, most recent of which was today, and the last one was 4 years ago. All of my episodes have been from pain, needles dont bother me, and its not all types of pain, ive been punched, crushed my fingers in things and gotten the crap kicked out of me without passing out. But today my friend by accident bumped elbows with me pretty hard and i passed out, we were in the back seat of a car and i felt it comming on, i have less then 10 seconds from when the incedent occurrs to when i lose conciousness, i passed out and laid my head on my friends shoulder, then 30 seconds later i sat my head up, lifted my arms like i was in the michael jackson thriller video like a zombie and had a glazed look in my eyes and had an unnatural confused look on my face, in my head when i was comming to i felt like my head was slumped down and like i was shaking it rapidly, but i wasnt, my head was upright and not shaking. My arms were shaking slightly but not enough to be noticed really and because of which it confuses to me as to why my arms were up in the air in such am un natural position. The other 3 episodes were all from unexpected pain also in my funny bones of my knee or my elbows. Im a young man and ofcourse i question everything and i am wondering why i only have an episode and pass out when someone else hits my funny bone, i can slam my funny bone so hard, but if i do it, nothing happens, someone else has to hit my funny bone. Id like to hear from anyone who has experience or information on anyone who has episodes from FUNNY BONE incidents. Please DONT HESITATE to email me thanks brian

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