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injury related?

Date: 3/20/00
Time: 10:43:57 AM
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I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience? I woke up three nights ago with a very sharp pain in my upper left arm. On the way to the er I felt faint, woozy and like I had to move my bowels, nausia, and breathing was a bit labored. In the er I had three episodes like this coming like waves. I was admitted, tested for blood clot in the lungs as well as several ekg's (?) all perfectly normal and told it was a possible response to the three weeks of bronchitis I had been recovering from- or prehaps muscle-skelatol response. Today it happened again, and I went to the Dr. office, and they mentiojned they thought it was vasovagal response. While it is happening, my G.I tract is extremely active, I almost faint and when it is over, I am absolutely exhausted. Before the onset today I also had pain to touch in my left chest reigon, and I have pretty severe muscle pain in my upper shoulders. So, they conclude it is from an injury. Sound familiar to anyone? Thanks!

Re: Salt Helps Me

From: Rhonda


I have been having "head rushes" since my teen years every time I get up. I never gave them much thought, I just held on to something until it passed. I was pregnant with my first child when I was twenty six and had some real problems with what was then assumed to be hypoglycemia. I had horrible morning sickness for 4 months. I cut back on salt and ate lots of green vegetables to maintain a high folic acid level which is necessary in the first several months. I tried to eat several smaller meals but it wasn't easy while working since I only got 1 lunch break and one 15 minute break. I could feel my syptoms coming on as slight nausea, trembling, severe sweating which literally ran down my forehead, chest and back. I felt the room going black and a sense of fear that no one would know what to do. I always had someone grab a Coke for me as quickly as possible and then I ate something as the syptoms passed. After giving birth the severe symptoms dissappeared althougth I still had the "head rushes". I was pregnant with my second child when I was thirty-two and I began having problems with my heart racing. It would take off with out cause and usually peaked around 170 bpm. I wore a monitor which transmitted data over the phone when it was full. Nothing significant showed up other than the speed at which my heart would beat. Other tests were run and it was decided that I had Mytral Valve Prolapse (MVP). The cardiologist did question my salt intake habits and I told him I had cut back which concerned him until I informed him that by cutting back I meant I stopped "whitening" my food and put normal amounts of salt on my food. Again, after giving birth my symptoms seemed to disappear. Two weeks ago after going on a much needed 2 week long vacation I was sitting in my kitchen having coffee with my mother discussing our wonderful trip we had just returned from the day before when I felt "IT" coming on. I quickly ate some toast which did nothing for me. At this point I was too weak to even stand up so I asked her to get me a cold soda/pop from the refrigerator. She said I was white as a ghost and on fire so she got cold compresses for my head and neck. I was nauseated, hot, trembling, and I just knew I was going to black out at any moment. My mother check my blood pressure several times but could not get the machine to even pick it up. As I was starting on the upswing it finally registered at 77/48. That was enough to scare my mother and husband into taking me to the doctors office. Blood was drawn but everything was determined to be normal. She mentioned Vaso-vagal response as one possible culprit but did not even elaborate on the subject. She just instructed me to make slow, deliberate movements. I was not satisfied with findings or lack there of so I requested she look deeper. The fact that I had eaten and drank could very well have thrown off my blood tests. I had another attack 1 week later. I was physically exhausted after each episode for the rest of the day. I wanted a baseline determined and I wanted nutrient levels checked as well as hormones. Her resonse is to do a sugar tolerance test tomorrow. I don't believe sugar is the culprit since I had another attack AFTER eating last week. Most of them happen before eating. After reading about salt helping I began to think about my high salt cravings. I have craved salt for years and each pregnancy I cut back on my intake. On our vacation I didn't eat much salt on the road and had dizziness the next day. I am now going to ask my doctor about this and do a little home experimenting. To date I have not lost consciousness or control of my bowels so I am not sure what I have.

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